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Hamilton's Platform & Proven Record

On this page, you will find the issues that Warren Hamilton has a proven record of fighting for and his stance on the issues.

Image by Anthony Garand


To learn more about the bills that Senator Hamilton has authored, passed, signed, and even voted on check out his record on Bill Track 50 by clicking here.


The Oklahoma Constitution

Hamilton's Conservative Index Score for 2023 was a 100% conservative rating. Check out the details of their scoring by clicking below.

Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association (OK2A)

Hamilton's Legislative Score for 2023 was an A grade rating. Check out the details of their scoring by clicking below.

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA)

Hamilton's Legislatve Score for 2023 was a 94% conservative rating with a 98% attendance record. Check out the details of their scoring by clicking below.

Oklahoma Health & Parental Rights (OKHPR)

Hamilton's Score with OKHPR in 2020 was an A grade rating.

Image by Samuel Branch


Senator Warren Hamilton Named “Wilberforce Champion of Life”
valuable because we are made in the image of God. We are different from opossums and cock roaches. Because we are all equally human and equally precious to God, we should be valued equally under the law. Our founding fathers therefore ensconced these principles in our founding documents." ... "Senator Hamilton ought to be celebrated by grassroots conservatives as the true pro-life champion and abolitionist that he is. Therefore, Oklahomans United for Life is proud to name Senator Warren Hamilton our 2022 “Wilberforce Champion of Life,” for fighting not only the injustice of abortion, but for exposing the injustice of establishment “pro-life” politicians and policies. This award gets its name from William Wilberforce who was a member of the British Parliament and is famous for his life-long campaign to abolish the slave trade, and eventually slavery itself. Year after year he introduced legislation to abolish slavery, but year after year justice was twisted, denied, and delayed, often by leaders in his own political party."

Excerpts from John Michener, Oklahomans United for Life

"The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States requires due process to take a life, and the Fourteenth Amendment requires every innocent life to be given equal protection of the laws within a State. These twin constitutional pillars of a right to life and equal protection under the law are grounded in a biblical understanding of God’s nature. God does not show partiality or favoritism: “Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly” (Lev. 19:15); “For Yehovah your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes” (Deut. 10:17-18); “For God does not show favoritism” (Romans 2:11). Human beings are intrinsically
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